Dr Kirshenbaum

I grew up in Jacksonville, FL, and attended the University of Miami for my undergraduate degree. Then I enrolled at the Boston University School of Dental Medicine, where I received my Doctorate of Dental Medicine. As a dentist, it is my responsibility to remain up to date on my dental knowledge and skills so that I can provide the highest level of care. Throughout the year, I attend meetings and continuing education courses to obtain the latest research on oral healthcare. I help patients understand the important connection between a healthy mouth and overall body wellness as we work toward improving both. The most rewarding aspect is developing long-term relationships with my patients, and I am honored when they choose to confide in me their stories. These insights teach me how to help each person meet his or her goals. A healthy, beautiful smile can transform someone’s life, and I revel in the opportunity to assist in that transformation. I cannot imagine a more wonderful profession. Currently, I live in Alpharetta, GA, with my husband, Robert, and children Leah, Renee, and Ben. Being with them is the highlight of my day, especially when I’m enjoying music with my kids. I also like cooking, painting, and losing myself in a good book.