Dentistry is more than preserving the health of your teeth — it also includes enhancing their appearance. Health and beauty often go hand in hand when it comes to preserving your smile. Our cosmetic dentist and dental team want you to leave our care with the brightest, healthiest smile possible, and so we proudly provide cosmetic dentistry in Kennesaw, Georgia. Whether you are interested in altering the shade, shape, or spacing of your teeth, we welcome you to contact Dental Excellence of Kennesaw to explore your cosmetic options.

If you find that you are frequently hiding your smile from the world, please consider meeting with our compassionate female cosmetic dentist in Kennesaw, Georgia, Dr. Kirshenbaum. We strive to provide a comfortable environment free of judgment so that you can achieve all of your smile goals no matter how impossible they might seem to you. You might be surprised just how much we can do for your oral appearance, and you might wish that you had come to see us sooner. No matter what the condition of your smile is, we can restore and enhance its unique beauty, thereby improving your self-esteem so that you can feel ready to socialize and have your picture taken. Dr. Kirshenbaum would be delighted to help you discover your smile’s potential!