Fluoride Supplements Can Help Prevent Cavities

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Strong tooth enamel is important to the overall health of your teeth and the prevention of cavities. Exposing your teeth to mild concentrations of fluoride helps to bolster the minerals in your tooth enamel.

To help people maintain strong, healthy teeth, many municipalities add fluoride to their water systems. Drinking that drink water helps prevent cavities and tooth sensitivity.

If your water does not have fluoride, or you do not have good dental health habits, your tooth enamel might not be as strong as it should be. In a situation like this Dr. Lisa Kirshenbaum might recommend using prescription fluoride supplements.

The supplement might come in the form of a concentrated fluoride toothpaste or mouth rinse. These can be used right before you go to bed to allow the fluoride to saturate the microscopic pores in the tooth enamel.

You should also cut back on acidic beverages, and brush your teeth twice each day with a toothpaste containing fluoride.

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