Have You Taken Steps to Check Your Mouth for Bruxism?

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Have you taken steps to check your mouth for bruxism? Bruxism is the result of teeth grinding or gnashing while you sleep or as a bad habit that you may not be aware of. Typically, bruxism goes undetected because it is so difficult to spot when it is occurring, and the symptoms could be hard to place.

One of the most common symptoms of bruxism is pain or discomfort. When you wake up, you may feel a slight discomfort in your jaw or mouth and gums if you have been grinding your teeth. This is sometimes accompanied by an increase in tooth sensitivity and aches in your head that feel similar to earaches.

Physical damage to your mouth can also result from bruxism. Over time, your teeth can wear down and shrink. This is due to the constant wear they receive. They may also look flat or dull, or have the appearance of heavy use. It is possible for chipping and cracking to also occur. Another symptom of bruxism is cheek tissue damage on your inner cheeks due to excessive chewing through the night.

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