Improve Your Oral Health with Early Oral and Throat Cancer Detection

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One of the most important things you can do to take care of your teeth and gums is to regularly check for any signs or symptoms of oral or throat cancer. Because oral and throat cancer can strike at any time and often requires early detection for effective treatment, the sooner you begin setting forth a treatment a plan to help diagnose and detect it, the greater your chance of recovery.

To check for signs of oral and throat cancer, it is a good idea that you analyze the health of your head, neck and facial areas each day. This includes inspecting your smile for any damages that may have occurred. If you notice anything abnormal, irregular bleeding, or pus and sores that have not gone away, these may be the beginning signs of oral cancer. Should you notice any of these symptoms, look for other clues of oral cancer, such as rough spots, lumps or bumps, velvety patches, or crusts and swelling on your lips, gums or other areas inside your mouth.

If you notice a feeling of numbness or a loss of feeling within your mouth, this can be another indication that you have developed oral or throat cancer. Additional symptoms include difficulty chewing or speaking, chronic sore throat or rotations in the way your teeth are sitting. If you experience any of the symptoms we have discussed, visit our dentist for an oral cancer screening.

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