Oral Health Treatments: Dental Erosion Treatments

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Do you frequently find yourself suffering from dental erosion? Dental erosion is an oral health condition that results from the breakdown of your tooth enamel. Typically, dental erosion is caused by harmful acids in your mouth brought on by the foods and drinks you consume. To help protect your mouth, improve your diet and eliminate any dangerous ingredients from your diet that you may consume.

Saliva is an extremely beneficial substance that your mouth creates to counteract harmful acids in your mouth. To increase saliva production, consider chewing sugarless gum after meals. The additional saliva rinses away food debris, plaque buildup, and harmful acids that may be in your mouth.

Protecting your mouth against the dangers of dental erosion includes implementing effective and safe oral health care treatment routines. Although brushing and flossing are highly effective tools for keeping your mouth safe, avoid brushing your teeth after eating. This is because your teeth may be extra sensitive due to dental erosion and harmful acids in your mouth. At this time, toothpaste may be too abrasive for your teeth and could actually harm your mouth more than it can help it. Instead, consider using mouthwash. For additional tips and treatments to help protect your mouth against, contact our office.

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