Relieving Pain From Canker Sores

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Are you suffering from canker sores? If so, you’re not alone. Many people are inconvenienced by canker sores. Unfortunately, there isn’t a treatment available that can eliminate the sores, but they should go away within one to two weeks. The good news is that there are things you can do to relieve the pain, and our dentist, Dr. Lisa Kirshenbaum, is happy to tell you all about them. Those things are:

-Using over-the-counter topical anesthetics (This can numb the sore and the surrounding area)

-Using antimicrobial mouthwash (This product can kill bacteria)

-Avoiding hot, spicy or acidic foods (These foods tend to irritate the sore)

-Talking to your dentist about antibiotics

-Using oral bandages to reduce secondary infection

The most common causes of canker sores include immune system problems, bacteria or viruses. In most cases, trauma to the soft tissues of the mouth can cause canker sores, like biting the cheek or rubbing the tissues against braces or other oral appliances. The sores are not contagious and they shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

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