What Are the Perks and Benefits of Dental Bridges?

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Did you know that dental bridges are designed to last you for the rest of your life? With such a durable treatment, the wear and tear on normal bridges is normally not enough to wear them out, but accidents can happen. If for some reason your bridges fail, they can be replaced.

A dental bridge is a tooth replacement treatment that fills in the space in your mouth with artificial enhancements that look and function like normal teeth. Whereas dentures are held in place by bonding to the gums, and dental implants are held in place by bonding to the jawbone, dental bridges connect to other teeth for a durable hold that allows for few if any food restrictions.

Oftentimes speaking and chewing can be more difficult when you are missing teeth. In addition, teeth can move if the gums where a tooth used to be are destabilized. That is because there is an increase in bacteria and plaque in the extra space, which can be easily missed by brushing and flossing. The risks of tooth decay and gum disease increase when you are missing teeth. With dental implants, all of these potential ailments can be avoided.

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